FireGenerator: Generate random sequence of fire events

class FireGenerator(mean_fire_recurrence=0.0, shape_parameter=0.0, scale_parameter=None)[source]

Bases: landlab.core.model_component.Component

Generate a random fire event or time series.


mean_fire_recurrence : float

Average time between fires for a given location

shape_parameter : float

Describes the skew of the Weibull distribution. If shape < 3.5, data skews left. If shape == 3.5, data is normal. If shape > 3.5, data skews right. To approximate a normal bell curve, use a value of 3.5

scale_parameter : float, optional

Describes the peak of the Weibull distribution, located at the 63.5% value of the cumulative distribution function. If unknown, it can be found using mean fire recurrence value and the get_scale_parameter() method described later.


Get time to next fire.

Finds the time to next fire (fire recurrence) based on the scale parameter (63.5% of fire Weibull distribution) and the shape parameter (describes the skew of the histogram, shape = 3.5 represents a normal distribution).

Rounds the time to next fire to 4 significant figures, for neatness.



Updated value for the time to next fire.


Get the scale parameter.

mean_fire_recurrence = (scale_parameter * (
special.gamma(1 + (1 / shape))))

sets the scale parameter.