Troubleshooting Installation/Testing Problems#

First, make sure you:#

  • Follow the installation instructions that match your use of Landlab:

  • Follow the instructions relating to the system you are using (Mac/Linux or Windows)

  • Install the correct dependencies if you are doing the Developer install: they are listed in the environment_dev.yml file and you should point to this file when installing)

  • Make Anaconda your default Python (when installing Anaconda, or edit paths afterwards).

Try the following commands

On Mac:

$ which python
$ which ipython

On Windows:

$ where python
$ where ipython

python and ipython should show the same path and clearly refer to Anaconda, looking something like /anaconda/bin/python * Update: Python, Landlab…


1. Landlab install fails#

Specifications / dependencies conflicts:#

  • Symptoms: when launching the install an error message shows something like

Solving environment: failed

UnsatisfiableError: The following specifications were found to be in conflict:...

Issues with PATH configuration#

Developer version not installing on Windows with Python 3.6.5#

  • Symptoms: Installation fails and requires Visual C++ tools to be installed

  • Fix: see Issues #768and #773

Landlab for Linux 32-bit (Issue #617):#

Sorry, Landlab is not available (yet) for Linux 32-bit!

2. Landlab runs fail#

To test your install, use a command prompt, navigate to your landlab directory and type:

$ conda install pytest
$ pytest

This tests whatever version of landlab you have installed. If this produces errors for which you cannot find a fix in this page, please contact the development team by creating a GitHub issue. Provide the results of the above test and all the information you can (operating system, type of install you have done, etc.)


  • Symptoms: Test fails with:

AttributeError: 'LandlabTester' object has no attribute 'check_fpu_mode'
  • This is a known error, probably due to numpy version 1.14., to check your version:

import numpy

Although tests currently fail, you should be able to run Landlab normally, you can ignore this error. * Similar issues: #616, #625, #630

3. Landlab + Spyder problems#

Spyder does not launch#

  • Symptoms: you cannot launch Spyder or it crashes whenever you try to open a file

  • Fix: restart, upgrade, reset… see the Spyder Troubleshooting page. Some security/antimalware software have been known to block Spyder from launching: try temporarily disabling it or changing your settings. On Windows, some launching problems may be due to conflicts with other programs that installed the Qt libraries in your computer (you can identify them searching for files with the following pattern: Qt*.dll): you can either uninstall these programs or pip install pyqt5, which should fix the Spyder launching problem.

Import problem#

4. Landlab + Jupyter Notebook problems#

  • Related issues: #540

5. Tutorial fails#

Import error#

  • Symptom: Cannot import name 'ModuleName' This is because a module used by the tutorial is not included in the latest release: do the developer install or wait for the next release.

Other known pb:#

If this does not solve your issue:#

  • Try a clean install: uninstall and reinstall conda, etc.

  • Use a conda environment

  • Contact the Landlab development team: create an issue on GitHub. Please provide all the information you can: the system you are operating on, the install you have done, the command that produced the error, what the error message is… We will get back to you quickly!