The Landlab Tutorials provide examples of Landlab core concepts and component introductions. Tutorials exist as interactive Jupyter notebooks that contain alternating cells of computer code and text that explain the code. In addition to Landlab Tutorials that exemplify Landlab, notebooks intended to teach and learn surface dynamics are the Landlab Teaching Tutorials.

Launch notebooks online

Landlab Notebooks can be accessed online with the following link: Binder. Here the notebooks are provided within a binder online environment that includes Landlab.

The welcome page on Binder provides onward links to most of our tutorials. If you’re a newbie you might want to skip directly to a recommended syllabus for learning Landlab here.

Launch notebooks locally

How you installed Landlab determines the steps to launch notebooks that use a copy of Landlab on your computer.

User installations

If you installed using a prepackaged binary, the most common method, the notebooks can be run in a conda environment. These instructions describe how to create a conda environment for the notebooks.

Once the conda environment has been created, it must be activated and then the notebooks can be launched:

$ conda activate landlab_notebooks
$ jupyter notebook notebooks/welcome.ipynb

Developer installations

If you installed using the developer install instructions, the tutorials exist on your computer within the notebooks folder of your local Landlab clone.

If you installed Landlab within an environment, the environment must be activated and then the notebooks can be launched. The following code assumes that the environment name is landlab_dev:

$ conda activate landlab_dev
$ jupyter notebook notebooks/welcome.ipynb

Contributing new or modified tutorials

If you write a Landlab Tutorial or Gist, please contribute it via a pull request to the master branch of the Landlab repository. See this page about contributing to Landlab, and reach out for help when needed.

Landlab clinics and workshops

For more examples and tutorials, see also our Clinics & workshops page.