Teaching Tutorials#

Landlab teaching tools#

This page describes the Jupyter Notebooks that implement Landlab for use in teaching undergraduate and graduate courses. Jupyter Notebooks combine formatted text with code that can be run. Students can run small parts of code bit by bit as they follow along with the text.

The notebooks illustrate examples of physical processes implemented numerically. These notebooks are designed to teach about processes. The notebooks are not designed to teach students to code, or to teach students to use Landlab. No coding experience is needed to successfully carry out these activities - just the ability to read and a classroom introduction of the specific processes being illustrated.

The notebooks are primarily designed for use as homework assignments or laboratory assignments. However, they can be used to illustrate concepts on-the-fly in the classroom.

The easiest way to see what is in the notebooks is through the Binder welcome page for the teaching notebooks. This also allows you to run the notebooks online. The tutorials can also be run online on EarthscapeHub.

The notebooks can also be run locally by installing Landlab on your computer.

For an introduction to using Jupyter Notebooks locally, see this webpage. [Quick Summary: The way to launch a Jupyter notebook is to enter ‘jupyter notebook’ from a command line prompt. Jupyter notebooks can also be launched from within Anaconda.]

More information#

If you have suggestions on improving these notebooks and developing new ones, or are having trouble running them, please leave us a question in our GitHub Issues page. Please make sure you include that you are working with a Landlab Teaching Notebook and include the name of the notebook and as much information as possible. If you are getting an error, please taking a screenshot and upload it.

The development of these Notebooks has been made possible by the Landlab project funded by the National Science Foundation (OAC 1450338 to N. Gasparini, OAC 1450409 to G. Tucker, OAC 1450412 to E. Istanbulluoglu).