Workflow to submit your Landlab contribution to Journal of Open Source Software#

The Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) is a venue for publications on open source software. If you are considering preparing a contribution to Landlab for a JOSS publication, please make sure to review the JOSS submission requirements

Parts of Landlab have already been published by JOSS, and multiple parts of Landlab may be under consideration at JOSS at the same time. Under these circumstances there may be conflicts with the required file.

For this reason, the workflow below has been developed for those who choose to submit their Landlab contribution (e.g., a Landlab component, utility) to this journal.

  • Create a pull request to merge the contribution into Landlab. See Develop your own component or utility.

  • Following the above merge, create a new branch for the JOSS review process. Name the paper, which follows JOSS requirements, and place this file in a new folder, /landlab/joss/<name_of_contribution>/ with your other JOSS submission materials (e.g., bib, figures if any).

  • Submit to JOSS. The submitting author must comment on the pre-review issue that the paper is on a branch, and they should build the branch with this command

    $ @whedon prepare pdf from branch my-custom-branch-name
  • Once the JOSS review is complete and if the paper is accepted:

  • Create a pull request to merge the JOSS review branch into the master branch.

  • Merge master into release, and update version number. See Create a Landlab release.

  • Ensure that the release is correctly created and distributed.

  • Update the JOSS review pull request with the correct archive DOI and version number.

  • JOSS publishes the paper.

  • Once publication is complete, make another pull request to move and rename the to landlab/joss/published/<name_of_module_or_component>/<new_paper_name>.md. The paper can no longer be named because JOSS expects paper in review to have this name, and to avoid conflicts with other Landlab paper contributions in review. Note that the paper folder should be moved to within the published directory.