How Landlab Specifies Dependencies#

The Landlab package dependencies are found in the top-level directory file requirements.txt.

The file looks to this file and reads it when compiling the package. In this way, we only state the dependencies in one location.

In addition to the core set of dependencies, development with Landlab, and common use of Landlab (e.g., running the notebooks) may have additional dependencies. These dependencies are described in the following files:

  • requirements-notebooks.txt indicates dependencies for running the notebooks.

  • requirements-testing.txt indicates dependencies for running tests.

  • requirements-dev.txt indicates dependencies for development (less building the documentation).

We provide two convenience environment files that address the two most common use cases.

  • environment.yml specifies an environment which installs a Landlab binary and all of the notebook dependencies.

  • environment-dev.yml specifies an environment with all development dependencies.

If a developer wants to build the documentation locally there are some additional dependencies. We do not include these in requirements-dev.txt because it is uncommon for developers to need to build the docs locally.

An environment specifying documentation-building requirements can be found at landlab/docs/environment.yml.