User Guide#

The User Guide describes Landlab by topic area.

Users brand-new to Landlab should start with 10 minutes to Landlab.

Further information on any specific method can be obtained in the API reference.

The Landlab project creates an environment in which scientists can build a numerical surface process model without having to code all of the individual components. Surface process models compute flows of mass, such as water, sediment, glacial ice, volcanic material, or landslide debris, across a gridded terrain surface. Surface process models have a number of commonalities, such as operating on a grid of points and routing material across the grid. Scientists who want to use a surface process model often build their own unique model from the ground up, re-coding the basic building blocks of their surface process model rather than taking advantage of codes that have already been written.

A list of papers and presentations using Landlab can be found here.