Source code for landlab.graph.framed_voronoi.dual_framed_voronoi

""" Implement the DualFramedVoronoiGraph

@author sebastien lenard
@date 2022, Aug

from ..dual import DualGraph
from ..voronoi.dual_voronoi import DualVoronoiGraph
from .framed_voronoi import FramedVoronoiGraph

[docs]class DualFramedVoronoiGraph(DualGraph, FramedVoronoiGraph): """Graph of a unstructured grid of Voronoi Delaunay cells and irregular patches. It is a special type of VoronoiDelaunay graph in which the initial set of points is arranged in a fixed lattice (e.g. like a rectangular raster grid) named here "layout" and the core points are then moved aroung their initial position by a random distance, lower than a certain threshold. Examples -------- >>> from landlab.graph import DualFramedVoronoiGraph >>> graph = DualFramedVoronoiGraph((3, 3), seed=200) >>> graph.number_of_nodes 9 >>> graph.x_of_node[2:4] # doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE array([ 2., 0.]) >>> graph.y_of_node[2:4] # doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE array([ 0. , 0.749]) >>> graph.y_of_node[5] # doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE 1.2509999999999999 """
[docs] def __init__( self, shape, xy_spacing=(1.0, 1.0), xy_of_lower_left=(0.0, 0.0), sort=False, xy_min_spacing=(0.5, 0.5), seed=200, ): """Create the graph. Parameters ---------- shape : tuple of int Number of rows and columns of nodes. xy_spacing : float or tuple of float, optional Node spacing along x and y coordinates. If float, same spacing at x and y. xy_of_lower_left : tuple, optional Minimum *x*-of-node and *y*-of-node values. Depending on the grid, there may not be a node present at this location. sort: bool If ``True``, nodes, links and patches are re-numbered according to their position. xy_min_spacing: float or tuple of float, optional Final minimal spacing between nodes. Random moves of the core nodes around their position cannot be above this threshold: ``(xy_spacing - xy_min_spacing) / 2`` If ``float``, same minimal spacing for *x* and *y*. seed: int, optional Seed used to generate the random *x* and *y* moves. When set, controls a pseudo-randomness of moves to ensure reproducibility. When ``None``, seed is random and the moves of coordinates are completely random. Returns ------- DualFramedVoronoiGraph A newly-created graph. Examples -------- Create a grid with 3 rows and 2 columns of nodes. >>> from landlab.graph import DualFramedVoronoiGraph >>> graph = DualFramedVoronoiGraph((3, 2), xy_spacing=1.0) >>> graph.number_of_nodes 6 """ FramedVoronoiGraph.__init__( self, shape, xy_spacing=xy_spacing, xy_of_lower_left=xy_of_lower_left, sort=True, xy_min_spacing=xy_min_spacing, seed=seed, ) DualVoronoiGraph.__init__( self, (self._y_of_node, self._x_of_node), perimeter_links=self._perimeter_links, sort=False, ) if sort: self.sort()